HIGHLY EQUIPPED PRACTICE: In Clínica Veterinaria Laguna del Moral we care about your pets health and welfare. We
have the latest selection of toys and tools to offer the quickest, most efficient and most
accurate clinical results.

* We have available: digital X-ray, in-house laboratory, ultrasound scanner, operating
theatre, etc.
SEPARATED AREAS FOR DOGS AND CATS. Most veterinary practices have traditionally been directed towards dogs. There is now a relentlessly growing interest on having cats as pets, which makes very important rethinking vet practices designs in order to minimize stress for both species, especially for cats. We have tried to reduce the stress that cats and their owners suffer when they come to the vet by minimizing the contact between dogs and cats (separated waiting areas, consult rooms and hospitalisation). The practice design is based on international cat care guidelines, an international organization that stands up for the well-being of our feline friends. * Working towards “Cat Friendly Practice” certificate. + INFORMATION
Find out more about International Cat Care in this link:
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